Prepare for a Job Interview (1)

Peter! Have I got news for you!

Wow, Dave... I've never seen you so excited. What's the occasion?

OK... You've known me for years, right?


What's the one job I've been dreaming of having my whole life?

You've always wanted to work as a writer for Players Magazine.

That's right!! And I landed a job interview with them!!!

I'll go in to meet my boss next Tuesday!!

Wow, man! I'm so happy for you!

But, truth be told... I'm terrified of the interview. How can I ace it?

Awww, everyone is terrified of job interviews, but there are some things you can do to help prepare.

Such as?

Well, for starters, you should do as much research as possible on PLAYERS Magazine.

Yeah... I'll need to review some of their older issues and brush up on the magazine's history.

I need to know that company inside and out!

That's right. Bosses like the guy who does his homework.

I was thinking about asking you to play the role of the interviewer so I can rehearse my performance.

I've already done it in front of a mirror like a hundred times.

Sure... I'll play the boss. But you know... You're going to have to fight to stay calm.

It doesn't look good if you go into the interview too hyper.

You gotta look calm and in control.