Looking for a Change (2)

The other problem is I think the company is really set in its ways.

What do you mean?

In other words, I think management is resistant to change.

I've given great proposals to my section chief and I've even sent emails with ideas on how to streamline operations to the big boss.

But the reaction is always the same.

What do they say when you offer suggestions?

Usually something like "We'll take a look and get back to you."

But that's the last I'll ever hear from them.

So, do you have any job prospects lined up?

I've been sending out resumes and I've gotten a couple of bites.

I see... So you've pretty much made up your mind to quit then?

I think so. I'll miss seeing you every day.

I'll miss you, too. Can I make a suggestion?


Don't burn any bridges when you make your move.

What do you mean?

I mean, don't tell the boss you hate your job or him.

Simply inform them that you plan to resign from your position and do your best to train your replacement.

That way, this company can remain a back-up option for you.

You make a good point. I'll try to be as professional about this as possible.

Thanks Emily! Talking to you makes me feel much better.

Sure! Now let's eat!