Art for an Office (2)

I often go to photography exhibitions at the local museum.

Sometimes the pictures are of nature—you know—wild animals or sunsets... that kind of thing.

But my favorite pictures are of people.

Sometimes you can catch someone in a private moment and it's a very interesting window into how other people live.

Yes, I like to hang out at the museum as well. I'm also a big fan of sculpture.

Last time I was in Italy I made a special trip to go see Michelangelo's "David".

It's really a very impressive work of art.

I'd love to see that!

I was in Paris two years ago and I spent half my time there walking around the Louvre Museum. It was amazing.

You know... come to think of it, maybe we should buy some art pieces from the local artists to support the local community.

I've got an idea!

Let's try to find one very beautiful, very impressive large piece of art—or maybe a mural—to put at the entrance of our offices.

Then, instead of buying works of art to hang in the various hallways, we can rent the artworks and rotate what we have on display!

Felicia, that's a brilliant idea. I think you just solved our dilemma.

Thanks, boss!

We'll get one major artwork for our entranceway and maybe commission a couple of sculptures for the outside garden area.

Then we will find an art rental company and rotate our pictures on a three-month basis.

That way, we will eventually get around to everybody's taste in art.

And if some people don't like some of the art, well, they won't have to look at it for long.

All right, that's our plan! Let's do it. Thanks again, Felicia.

Not at all.