Attending a Black-tie Event

Have you ever been to a black-tie event?

Twice actually... and to be honest, it was a bit boring both times.

Aside from the tuxedo, is there anything else I need to wear or take with me?

I suggest keeping all other accessories to a minimum.

I see. Any other tips or suggestions?

Keep your eyes open and just sort of do what everybody else does.

And... don't get drunk or talk too loud or draw any attention to yourself!

Okay, good points.

You and Henry are acting like representatives of the company so you're kind of like ambassadors.

Wow. Now I'm really stressed!

It's not that hard. Just be a good conversationalist and even more importantly, be a good listener.

If someone makes a humorous remark, chuckle mildly; even if the comment isn't very funny. And remember, always smile!

Can I rent the tux in New York?

Absolutely. Do some research before you go and find a good rental company.

They will probably deliver it to your hotel.

Make sure the tuxedo fits well. Otherwise, you can end up looking pretty silly.

How much should I expect to pay to rent a tux?

I'd say roughly a hundred dollars.

You could probably find some cheaper options, but you want to look good.

Thanks Gary... I really appreciate your help.

Not at all. It should be an interesting experience for you.

I hope so.