Performance Evaluation (2)

OK. What other issues are there with my performance?

Well, like I said before, you are very enthusiastic and we appreciate that.

But sometimes you can be a bit over-the-top.

What do you mean by that?

Well, sometimes your co-workers feel that you are too loud, or you tell inappropriate jokes during office hours.

Who said that about me? Tell me their name!

You know I can't do that and I don't think it's important who feels this way.

The truth is that maybe you could try to tone down your volume and be more careful of what you say.

I think people are too sensitive.

That could be true, but we all have to work together so it's probably best not to step on people's toes.

All right. I guess I can try to tone it down.

Can you handle another criticism?

Sure. Why not? Bring it on!

I would recommend that you work on following through with projects.

You have a lot of good ideas and you start quite a few different projects, but many times you don't follow through.

Then all these ideas are just floating around but nothing is really getting done.

But I'm really more of an idea person.

I come up with concepts and start them, but the legwork is really not my style.

Honestly Steve, you have a lot of talent, but if you don't complete tasks, you won't get promoted.

Well, thanks for the advice. I'll try to work on that.

Again, I can't stress enough how grateful we are for all the work you do.

Overall, you are a quality employee and we're glad to have you.

Thanks for saying that, Fay. I appreciate it.

Sure. Thanks for stopping by and we'll do this again in six months.

See you then!