Taking up Golf (1)

Hey Robert... Going on vacation? Looks like you're planning on doing some golfing.

Yes, I will be playing golf, but I'm not going on vacation.

I'm meeting up with our New York office's senior management team.

We'll be playing a few rounds and going over the merger plans.

Really? So when did you take up the sport?

Around two years ago I began to realize that if I could get on the golf course with other senior executives, it could open a lot of doors for me.

At first I didn't really enjoy it, but now I'm almost a golf fanatic.

I see. So you meet a lot of business executives on the course, huh?

Yeah, definitely. It's a good way to network.

Isn't golf really expensive?

To be perfectly honest, golf is a bit of a status symbol... and yes... it can be an expensive game.

There are green fees, caddy fees and charges for renting the golf cart.

But the business opportunities are worth it.

Absolutely. I read somewhere that a high percentage of senior business executives play golf.

Sounds like it's almost mandatory to learn golf if you want to climb the corporate ladder.

Networking is a big plus...

But I think another reason executives enjoy the golf course is that it gives them an excuse to get out in the fresh air and connect with nature.

I can understand that.

If you turn off your cell phone or Blackberry you can hear birds chirping and enjoy a fresh breeze.

It's a nice break from a hectic office.

It is a good way to recharge, but you're right: golf primarily is a social sport.

You get a chance to talk and get to know people on a different level on the golf course than you do in the boardroom.