Prepare for a Job Interview (2)

I'm going to get there early and make sure I have my best outfit all washed and ironed way ahead of time.

If I wait for the last minute, I know I'll panic!

Yeah, preparation is key. Remember to call the interviewer by their name.

People like to hear their name spoken out loud.

But don't over-do it. OK... So what are you planning on wearing next Tuesday?

Well, I want to look good, but I don't want to look too stuffy.

I was thinking about nice jeans and a sport coat.

Ummm... I'd recommend erring on the conservative side when it comes to clothes.

I read somewhere that fifty-five percent of another person's perception of you is based on how you look.

I'd say go with a suit and tie.

Fifty-five percent huh? Then I guess it's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

Yeah. I'd say a dark suit with a conservative tie.

But the one main thing that I can't stress enough is confidence.

If you need a clarification on something, speak up and ask... But don't turn into a blabbermouth.

Do you think I should tell him how terrible it is working at Shimomatsu Publishing?

I bet he'd get a kick out of that!

Actually, when I interview people, I hate it when they badmouth previous employers.

I think it's bad form and I also think "Is this what you're going to do to me one day?"

Good point. Peter, you are a true friend and I value your input.

Call me right after the interview and tell me how it went, OK?