Insurance (2)

It seems you really know a lot about insurance.

Well, I'm Chinese and in our country people are pretty serious about insurance.

I have two life insurance policies as well as casualty and accident insurance.

Wow. I only buy insurance when I'm forced to.

I have auto insurance, but that's required by law.

You should think about doing some research.

Sometimes you can find policies that are actually a pretty good investment.

Some policies allow you to pay for say, twenty years, and then you can collect a monthly check from the insurance company.

That's very interesting. I think you missed your calling!

You should have been an insurance agent!

Actually, I worked for an insurance company when I was in my twenties.

Right. No wonder you're so knowledgeable.

So what about things like braces for my crooked teeth?

Can I claim that from my company policy?

This company only provides limited dental coverage.

If you broke a tooth on the job, that would be covered.

But things like braces and teeth-whitening are considered cosmetic procedures and you have to pay the lion's share.

So how should I go about finding out if the medical procedure I need is covered?

You should probably speak to your doctor and get some paperwork describing what you need.

Then you can talk to the insurance company.

But remember, some of your medical expenses won't be covered and you'll have to pay them yourself.

I understand. Thanks a bunch. I think I understand the process better now.