Dress Code (1)

Good morning everyone. Thanks for being on time.

Morning, Frank.

We've got a whole bunch of topics to go over today.

But let's start with a simple one: our company's dress code.

We have a dress code?

Well... if we didn't have one before, I'm instituting one, starting now.

What exactly does this mean?

I've become concerned that we are getting a bit too casual.

I was walking through the office the other day and some people were wearing shorts and T-shirts!

I don't think that is appropriate office wear.

It's true. Our standards have been going down.

It used to be that we wore casual clothes only on Fridays.

But these days it seems we do it almost every day.

But Frank, don't you think maybe this isn't such a big issue?

I mean, why does it matter what we are wearing?

I think productivity is more important!

Actually, I agree with you, Gary. Productivity is the most important thing.

But I think what we wear is linked to productivity.

In what way are they linked?

Police officers wear uniforms, right?

It's a symbol to both them and the public that they are serious about what they do.

You're the boss, Frank, so of course it's your call...

But I have to say, I'm not so keen on this idea.

I think neckties cut off blood circulation.

I'm much more in favor of a relaxed workplace environment.

And for some companies a relaxed atmosphere might work.

At Google they let you bring your dog to work!

But we are a serious financial company with an image to uphold.