Taking Out a Loan (2)

I do sympathize with people's difficulties.

But if I don't foreclose on mortgages or call in bad loans, I'll go bankrupt, too!

Yep... That's just how it goes.

So John, you mentioned in your email that you're thinking about taking out a loan.

Yes. You see, my company has been expanding quite rapidly and I'd like to construct a new warehouse.

Well, you came to the right bank.

We have a long tradition of supporting young entrepreneurs like yourself.

What kind of figure are we looking at here?

I think two hundred thousand dollars is the estimate for construction costs.

Well, that shouldn't be a problem. Your company is worth a lot more than that amount.

Yes, but because we're a public company with shareholders, it's hard to get proposals passed.

I was thinking of taking out a personal loan.

Ah... A personal loan. That is a bit more complicated.

Can I ask what kind of collateral you could offer?

Well, I have my personal stock in the company and our family has a yacht as well.

Sounds like that should cover it.

I'll need you to bring in the original deeds and certificates.

Sure. I can stop by Friday.