Taking up Golf (2)

But how can you play with people who've been golfing for twenty years? Isn't it embarrassing?

Golf has a system called "handicapping" and the system does its best to level out the differences in skill.

It's quite common for a novice to play alongside a more experienced golfer.

That's interesting.

I read an article once that says you can tell a lot about a person's management style by how they play golf. Do you agree with that?

Actually, yes. Say for example you hit your ball into a sand trap... The way you react to that demonstrates a great deal about your character.

So the executives on the golf course are all sort of sizing each other up?

Absolutely. So what about you? Do you play any sports?

I was on the ping-pong team in high school. Ping-pong suits my temperament.

It requires high concentration and quick decision-making skills.

Unfortunately, ping-pong is not a game of choice for most business executives.

Yeah... I don't think CEOs like to get too sweaty.

Are you interested in trying your hand at golf?

I think I might be. Do I have to purchase a set of golf clubs to begin with?

Not in the beginning. I'll tell you what, let's go out to the club and hit a few balls next Saturday morning.

Who knows? You might get addicted.

And like you said, playing golf is a good chance to expand my business networks.

It certain is. Well, I've got to take off.

How does 7:30 next Saturday morning work for you?

Sounds great! Thanks, Robert.

Not at all. I'll see you next week.