Performance Evaluation (1)

Hi there, Steve. Grab a seat.

Hi, Fay. How are you this morning?

Very well, thanks. Great weather we've been having.

I know! Makes me want to sneak away from work and go hiking!

Yeah... Hiking would be great right about now!

OK. Let's get down to the task at hand, your bi-annual performance evaluation.

So how did I do?

Well, in many areas you get high marks.

You have a lot of creative thoughts and your enthusiasm regarding work projects is very much appreciated.

That's good to hear. I enjoy being creative and I'm glad to see you appreciate that.

Now what's the bad news?

Well, we all have areas in which we could do better.

And what are my areas?

For starters, there is an issue of punctuality.

You've been clocking in roughly twenty to thirty minutes late almost every day.

But I moved last month and the office is almost forty miles away from my home now!

Sometimes the traffic is really terrible.

Yeah, I know. I also live out in the suburbs. Sometimes I'm stuck in traffic for forty-five minutes!

But, as you know, the company requires all employees to be at work by nine a.m. sharp.

Yeah... I know. But it's really been tough for me lately!

Can you possibly make an exception?

If it were up to me, I'd love for everyone to come in at noon.

But I can't make exceptions; otherwise everyone else will be unhappy.

We're a team and we all have to follow the rules.

All right. I guess I'm just going to have to wake up an hour earlier.

Sounds like a good plan.