De-stressing (2)

There are lots of options for dealing with stress. What do you find works for you?

I have no idea. I've tried ginseng, herbal teas... Nothing seems to work.

Oh, look... There's Tina. Tina is a yoga fanatic.

She swears it's reduced her stress levels significantly. Hey, Tina, got a second?

Hi Jim. Hi Claire.

I was just mentioning to Claire how yoga changed your life.

Oh, yes. I'm totally addicted.

When I'm there on my yoga mat, I'm able to tune out the rest of the world. It's such a peaceful feeling.

Do you think the exercise part of yoga is what helps reduce stress?

Yes, but there's also a spiritual element.

You take a little time to concentrate on yourself and forget about the world.

Are you feeling stressed, Claire?

Big time. I feel like I'm treading water, but not getting anywhere.

I'm constantly frustrated.

It's funny, but relaxing is actually quite difficult.

Our brains are so revved up. It's really hard to slow down.

That's right. I still think about work even when I'm trying to go to sleep.

You really have to make an effort to relax, and each person is different.