Losing a Job Can Be Positive (1)

Mickey! Good to see you! It's been too long!

Hi, Suzanne! You're right. It has been too long.

Did you find something on the menu that interests you?

Sorry I'm late for our lunch. Traffic was terrible.

Yeah... I think I'll have the chicken Caesar salad.

That sounds pretty good... Hey, is everything okay? You seem kind of down.

I got laid off last Friday.

Oh... I'm so sorry to hear that.

They said it had nothing to do with my performance.

They just need to try and save on costs. So they're axing a bunch of jobs.

Oh! Losing a job is such a nasty experience.

Yep... It sure is. I guess I have been a bit depressed.

I remember when I got fired from my job as a senior manager with a Web design company. I felt awful for weeks.

But you know something? Getting fired turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

And why was that?

It gave me a jolt that I really needed.

I was just coasting along in my position day in and day out, never really thinking about my life or my career.

So getting fired helped you reflect on these things?

Absolutely! I started asking myself what I really wanted to do.

You know that makes sense. Our daily routines can turn into habits.

I've been working at this company for almost eight years and I have kind of been running on autopilot.