Applying for a Visa (2)

Wow, that sounds like an interesting line of work.

I see here you are a citizen of People's Republic of China.

That's correct.

According to United States law, I'm required to ask you some reasonably personal questions.

Please understand that these are formalities and are required of everyone.

No problem. Ask away.

Do you have proof of your financial stability?

I'll need to see a bank statement.

Yes. I remembered to bring my bankbook. Here you are.

Have you ever been involved with terrorism or groups that support terrorism?

Absolutely not.

Do you have a criminal record in China?

No. Not even a parking ticket.

Ok... Now I'm going to ask you to sign a statement that affirms everything you just told me.

If you sign this document, it's legally considered the same as swearing an oath in court.

Do you affirm that everything you just told me is the truth?

I do.

Then please sign here. Thank you.

Now I must inform you that anyone applying for a visa to the United States is required to have their fingerprints taken.

That's not a problem. So how long before I'll know if my visa is approved?

The processing time is usually about five days.

If there is some problem, you'll get a call or an email.

Excellent. Thank you for your assistance, Mr. Jones. You've been a great help.

No, not at all... Just doing my job. Enjoy your trip to the United States.

I certainly will!