Sexual Harassment (1)

Hey, Claire, you look sad. What's up?

Guess I am a bit depressed.

Having a bad hair day?

No, that's not it.

Come on. You can confide in me. I know how to keep a secret.

OK... but you really have to keep this to yourself. I don't want to cause trouble.

Wow. Sounds serious!

You know my boss, Kevin?

Sure... I've met him at a couple of company functions.

Well, he keeps commenting on how pretty I am and he frequently touches my shoulders.

He says I look tense and could use a massage.

And this makes you uncomfortable, right?

Yeah! I don't like it. I have a boyfriend and I'm not interested in Kevin at all.

Plus, he's my boss and it's just a weird feeling!

That sounds like sexual harassment to me!

Really? Do you think it's that serious?

The workplace is supposed to be a comfortable place to work in.

You shouldn't have to be looking over your shoulder all day.

It's the responsibility of a boss to make sure your workday is safe and productive.

Well, every time he comes out to speak to me, I worry he's going to do or say something that makes me uncomfortable.

That's sexual harassment and it's a crime!

But overall he is a pretty good boss and most of the people in the office like him.

I don't want to be the one to stir up trouble. Maybe I'm too sensitive.

Sexual harassment is a common problem.

I remember I once had a boss who kept asking me out on a date, even though I was married and wearing my wedding ring!

What did you do about it?