Bullet Trains (2)

So there's been no incentive to build super fast trains.

Yeah, that's right. Also, Americans like to drive.

I've noticed in a lot of movies that Americans seem to enjoy road trips.

I'm from San Francisco, and I have friends who live in Los Angeles.

It's a nine-or-ten-hour drive, but I've done it many times.

There's no convenient public transport in L.A.

So I would have to rent a car anyway.

So I just load up my CD player with good music, grab some coffee and hit the road.

So driving really is a part of American culture.

Yeah. Most of us get our first driver's license when we are around sixteen years old.

I used to drive about an hour and a half to work every day.

That's three hours round-trip and I didn't think it was a big deal.

So aside from New York, there really isn't much public transport infrastructure in the U.S.?

Many U.S. cities have some kind of light rail or subway system.

But except for New York, they don't really completely cover the city in the same way as the Beijing or Shanghai subway does.

I think high-speed trains are great! They are safe, fast, quiet and convenient.

You can work on your laptop or read a book. It's a good way to relax.

That's true... Driving can be very stressful.

Americans have been talking about building high-speed rail lines for years.

But to be honest, I don't know when or if it's ever going to happen.

Well, I hope they start building them soon.

But in any case, I'm going to have to look into flights to LA now.

Yep. And you're probably gonna have to rent a car when you get there.

Good luck and have a great trip!

Thanks Jay! See you in a couple weeks.