Asking for a Raise (1)

Hey, Anita! Great to see you!

Long time no see! I'm so glad you had time to meet for lunch!

I've missed you. How have you been?

Pretty good. The boys are doing well in school and John is enjoying his new job. You?

Pretty much the same. Still working killer hours and still angling for that promotion.

I have a hunch I'm going to move up to vice president this year.

That's great!

How's your career going?

Last time we spoke you said you were trying to get a raise.

Yep. That's the plan. I mean, I've certainly put in the hours.

I'm definitely one of the most productive members of the company and I feel I contribute a lot.

So? What's the problem?

Why haven't you gone in there and demanded a raise?

I just can't work up the confidence to do it.

I know I need to, and I know I need it, but it's tough.

OK, sister. We are going to figure this out together.

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's asking for what I need.

I don't even know where to begin.

My son needs braces and his school tuition has just gone up.

We really need to get a new car and even the dog has needs we can't pay for.

OK, stop right there. You can't base your salary request according to your needs.

The company isn't a charity and if you go in and say, "I need" it's not going to work.

I could probably make more money if I changed companies.

There you go. That's a powerful argument.

But leave any threats till the last minute. What you need to do is stress your value.

I do have to consider the current global economic slowdown.

Our company has been taking quite a hit.

That's true. You have to take those factors into account.

But you also have to get paid at a fair rate.