Taking Out a Loan (1)

Hello, Mr. Smith. Thanks for stopping by.

Hello, and call me John.

Sure... But only if you call me Ted.


So you are the CEO of Delta Communications. What exactly does your firm make?

We are the leading supplier of walkie-talkie radios and other shortwave communication devices.

Ah... I see. How's business these days?

Actually, not bad.

We landed a couple of major contracts in Southeast Asia recently and in spite of the recession, we're humming along quite nicely.

That's good to hear. It's been a rough couple of years.

I've had to deny hundreds of loan applications and we've had to take legal action to recover loans as well.

That sounds tough.

It is! No one wants to be the bad guy and people have a stereotype of bankers as unfeeling and cruel.

But contracts are contracts and I have to run my business, right?

Yeah. You know what they say: business is business—it's not personal.

Well, I do sympathize with people's difficulties. But there's really nothing I can do.