Working Overtime (1)

Good night, Larry! I'm heading home. It's been a long day.

Good night, Jason. Have a good evening.

You're not going home, Larry?

Na... thought I'd try and finish up this project I've been working on.

But it's already 9:30! How many more hours do you plan to work?

Oh, I'd say this project will be done in six hours or so.

So you're going to work through the night?

Larry, have you ever heard of "karoshi?"


No, karoshi, the Japanese word for death by overwork!

You've been putting in overtime every night this week!

You know, Wanda has a point. We all need some down time.

If you put in too many hours, it can hurt your body and it can affect your work.

So people in Japan actually die from working too hard?

Yep. It's becoming a big problem. More than one hundred people die from overwork in Japan every year.

But I have so much to do, it seems the best way to get it all done is to plow through it until it's complete!

Well, that might seem like a smart way but you might be shooting yourself in the foot.

These days we are connected to each other with computers, cell phones and email...

And that means work can find us at any time.

If you're not careful, you'll never get time off!

Scientists say rest is one of the most important things a human brain needs.

Did you know you will have more creative ideas if you are well-rested?

These days I hardly have any good ideas.

I drink a lot of coffee and I always finish my work, but I'm not having many creative ideas.

Maybe that's because your brain is overloaded.

You know how you have to "defragment" your computer?

Well, sometimes our brains need some defragmenting, too!